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When you send a Slack message with "/gator", Gator holds your message until 9:00 AM in your recipient’s time zone. You can then set your own custom delivery time, or even ask Gator to send your message as soon as it spots your recipient online in Slack.
Let Gator figure out time zones

Gator automatically calculates the start of the next workday for your recipient, even when they’re traveling.

Messages come from you, not a bot

All messages you send with Gator will be delivered as if you sent them, appearing exactly in the DM or channel you would expect.

Secure by design

The messages you send with Gator are encrypted in transit and during storage. Gator also erases your message's contents immediately after delivery. Gator is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Trusted by Slack teams like yours

People in hundreds of Slack teams have used Gator to work together better — whether they were sending messages across time zones, scheduling team announcements for the next morning, or just capturing an off-hours stroke of inspiration.
Considerate coworkers using Gator to schedule Slack messages
Slack messages delivered by Gator across all Slack teams
1.8 million
Hours in which coworkers didn't disturb each other with unnecessary notifications

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