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When you send a Slack message with "/gator", Gator holds your message until 9:00 AM in your recipient’s time zone. If Gator spots them online before 9:00 AM, it delivers your message immediately.

Let Gator worry about time zones

Gator automatically calculates the start of the next workday for each recipient, even when they’re traveling.

Messages come from you, not a bot

All messages you send with Gator will be delivered as if you sent them, appearing exactly in the DM or channel you would expect.

Works in DMs, group DMs, and channels

In a group chat across multiple time zones? Want to drop an announcement in a channel at a specific time? Gator can handle that.

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  • One Slack team
  • Unlimited messages and users
  • Messages encrypted until delivery
  • Basic support
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Coming soon

  • All Startup features
  • Up to 5 Slack teams
  • Administrative audit tool
  • Priority support

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