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If you have already installed Gator in your Slack workspace, you can get some common tips by typing this command in Slack:

/gator help

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gator store my messages?

When you create a new message with Gator, it is securely transferred to our servers where it is stored encrypted in our US-based databases.

As soon as your message is delivered, however, we redact its contents from our server. For this reason, the contents of most Gator messages lives on our servers for less than 24 hours.

At no point while using Gator is any personally identifiable information stored on our servers, beyond that which you might include in the contents of a message.

What happens when my Gator trial ends?

Every Slack workspace that installs Gator starts with a three month free trial. You and your coworkers can send unlimited Gator messages during this trial to help you evaluate Gator.

When your trial is complete, you can upgrade to a paid Gator subscription by saying "/gator upgrade" in Slack. Gator will give you a link to the pricing page along with some statistics about how you and your coworkers used Gator during the trial.

If you choose not to upgrade to a paid subscription, you and your coworkers can still use Gator to send 10 messages per month. If you use all 10 messages, you'll need to either upgrade to a paid plan with "/gator ugprade" or wait until the first day of the next month.

Why did Later rename to Gator?

Unfortunately shortly after our launch we received a trademark cease and desist letter from another company which has done business as "Later" for some time.

Ultimately this turned out to be a great opportunity to transition to a new brand built around a timeless turn of phrase 😅.

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