Gator Subprocessors

Updated April 12th, 2020

To support delivery of our services, Gator Works, LLC may engage and use data processors with access to certain personal or customer data (each, a "Subprocessor" or "Service Provider"). This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each subprocessor.

Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in the Privacy Policy or superseding written agreement between you and Gator Works, LLC.

Subprocessor list

Types of data transferred
Purpose for the data transfer
Analytics data about visitors to our website, if they have opted-in to our cookie policy.
We use Google Analytics to monitor and optimize our website.
Any personal data or customer data you include in messages you send using Gator.
Heroku hosts Gator's web application and manages server infrastructure on our behalf, including Gator's databases.
Error logs and other debugging information. No PII is transferred or stored.
To diagnose and remedy problems with the Gator web application.
Any personal data or customer data you include in messages you send using Gator.
We use Slack as our primary interface for sending and receiving the messages you schedule with Gator.
Your payment information when upgrading to a paid Gator subscription.
Stripe processes payments on our behalf, so Gator never stores your payment information. As part of our integration with Stripe, if you purchase a Gator subscription we will gain access to your name and email address.
Metadata about web requests you make to our website, including your personal IP address.
To monitor Gator's web application and troubleshoot errors. IP addresses are the only personally identifiable information transferred, and log entries are deleted after 7 days.